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The world as we know it is shifting. We have finished the process of a long cycle and now, after 26,000 years, the world is waking up to new ways of being, new ways of looking at how we exist as human beings.

It is time to take charge of our own creation, time to step up and step into fifth dimensional living.

It is my vision that Blue Star Tarot plays it's part in raising the vibration of our consciousness by offering those who seek it, a way to grow spiritually through the art of tarot.

Tarot has existed in our world for hundreds, possibly thousands of years and can be used as a direct connection to our higher selves and our guides. It is a way of finding the path of least resistance, an indicator telling us when to reach for the stars, and when to put our hands back in our pockets and listen to what the Universe is telling us.

I have spent years working with this art of communication and know from experience that it is the perfect tool for spiritual growth as well as a guide to finding the best potential life path. 

I offer those who wish to gain a better understanding of who they are, a means to learn about the art of tarot through my workshops, or to experience it through my eyes as an empath. 


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